A Guide to the TES Affiliate Conference: Where Business Meets Adventures

TES Prague 2023 Guide

The hustle and bustle of affiliate marketing can make anyone’s head spin. But what if we told you there’s a sanctuary where one can learn, network, and enjoy all in one package? Here’s the big reveal: there is the TES Affiliate Conference! Held on 18 to 21 September 2023, this event turns Prague into the hub of the international business community and has been bringing together digital marketers and their affiliates for over a decade.

As we delve deeper, we’ll unravel the myriad reasons that make this event an essential stop for every marketer hungry for growth, insights, and a sprinkle of fun. There’s more to the conference than meets the eye, and trust us, you won’t want to miss out. So, let’s go!

Why TES Is More Than Just a Conference

Stumbling upon TES for the first time, you might be inclined to simply say, “Another event in the calendar?” Think again! TES dances to a different tune. Envision a dynamic bridge connecting finance with e-commerce, shimmering under the limelight of instant networking, unparalleled expertise, and the undeniable allure of festive moments. Picture the gravitas of the ‘United Nations’, only with a dash more pizzazz and a few less ties!

At its core, the TES Conference is an amalgamation of digital artistry and business acumen. A melting pot of passionate professionals, it serves as a nexus for both seasoned veterans and greenhorns eager to make their mark in the affiliate world. Blending work with pleasure, it’s where serious talk transitions smoothly into serene boat trips and lively parties, against the picturesque backdrop of Prague.

Is TES Your Cup of Tea?

If you’re pondering whether TES is your kind of event, well, if digital plays a role in your business, the answer is a resounding YES. Webmasters, ad networks, publishers, media buyers, you name it, the conference has steadily built its reputation as a key rendezvous point for those who wish to keep their finger on the pulse of the affiliate marketing industry. With an intricate weave of masterclasses, networking sessions, and panel discussions, TES assures that everyone, irrespective of their level of expertise, leaves with a trove of knowledge and connections.

Schedule & Speakers: 72 Hours of Paradise

Three days might sound short, but when meticulously planned, it’s akin to a lifetime of experiences. TES isn’t just about seminars and keynotes (though they are incredibly insightful!). It’s about those informal chit-chats during coffee breaks, the spontaneous exchange of business cards, and… a couple of meetups sponsored by AdsEmpire!

Kick off with the ClickBid Meetup at Duplex Terrace, the dazzling jewel of Prague where industry mavens converge. Revel in connections that deepen and insights that elevate your business in this premier networking rendezvous. Ask your manager for an invitation and hop on board!

And then… there’s our hush-hush event! Yes, it’s a covert rendezvous, meticulously crafted by AdsEmpire for our cherished partners. A mysterious venue, at an undisclosed hour… Intrigued? Touch base with your manager for an exclusive invite!

What else makes the experience truly memorable is the diversity of speakers and participants. The conference is graced by experts from various corners of the globe; each bringing with them a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Whether it’s mastering the art of affiliate marketing or diving deep into eCommerce strategies, there’s something for everyone. The crescendo builds with the much-awaited panel discussions, where thought leaders tackle pressing industry questions. With such a dynamic itinerary, it’s clear: every moment at TES is a step closer to the future of digital mastery.

Prague Beyond the Conference Room

While the TES Affiliate Conference promises a deep dive into the realm of digital marketing, the allure of Prague itself beckons beyond the conference halls. Sure, TES is the main event, but Prague has its own story to tell!

Remember our 2022 Prague guide highlighting intriguing places to visit? We’ve refreshed it this year with new suggestions, so be sure to explore both to make the most of your trip:

  • Astronomical Clock
  • Dancing House
  • Lennon Wall
  • Vyšehrad
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Prague Zoo
  • Kutna Hora
  • Wenceslas Square
  • The Clementinum And The National Library
  • The Municipal House

Curious yet? As the final seminar wraps up, immerse yourself in Prague’s rich tapestry, where every corner whispers tales of the past.

A Culinary Waltz in Prague

The magic of Prague doesn’t merely lie in its storied streets and historic landmarks; it thrives within the very walls of its food havens. While attendees delve into the vibrant domain of digital marketing at the TES conference, the city unfolds an equally delightful gastronomic journey. Check out the must-visit restaurants in Prague:

  • Mlýnec Restaurant – Overlooking the Vltava river, Mlýnec offers a blend of Czech tradition and global tastes.
  • Café Imperial – Dine amid the splendor of 1914 art nouveau décor, complemented by a rich culinary heritage.
  • Restaurace Mincovna – A mix of Prague’s history and modern dishes that refresh Czech classics.
  • U Medvídků – Indulge in authentic Czech beers and traditional meals in this cultural haven.
  • Vinograf – A wine lover’s paradise, showcasing both renowned and undiscovered gems.
  • Sansho – Experience the essence of Asia with meticulously crafted dishes.
  • Lehká Hlava – A tranquil oasis in Prague’s bustling center, serving creatively crafted vegetarian dishes.
  • Divinis – A touch of Italy in Prague, from handmade pasta to exquisite wines.
  • La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise – A culinary journey through Bohemia’s gastronomic past.
  • Field – A Michelin-starred philosophy, highlighting the purity of every ingredient.

So, after a stimulating day at the TES Conference, let Prague’s restaurants offer a feast not just for your palate but for your soul!


As the curtains draw on this guide, here’s our drumroll moment: AdsEmpire is set to grace the event with our vibrant presence at Booth #G18! We’re not just about formal handshakes; we’re about brewing meaningful conversations, sharing laughs, and forging partnerships that last a lifetime. Whether you’re an old friend or a potential new partner, our booth is the place to be. So, join now to make TES unforgettable – together!