A Guide to TES Affiliate Conferences Prague

A Guide to TES Affiliate Conferences Prague

One of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities, the capital of the Czhech Republic, Prague, isn’t only known for its pristine architecture and an abundance of activities. It is a point of power for seasoned affiliate marketing professionals, as it is one of the locations where the TES Affiliate Conference is regulary held.

This time it happens from August 22 to August 25. If it’s got our readers’ attention, it’s easy to register today, and after that, all the extra details will be laid down to you via email.

Sponsored and headlined by AdsEmpire, along with other big names in the affiliate marketing field, this three-day event has been a must-see for everyone in the affiliate marketing field since its beginnings thirteen years ago. There’s no point in asking why, as further down into the article, we’ll list the reasons why a marketer interested in deepening their knowledge in their sphere and willing to have a good time can’t skip the TES Affiliate Conference in Prague.

Why TES Affiliate Conferences Are Getting More Popular

One of the largest events of its caliber in Europe, TES Affiliate Prague is a perfect place to make new connections and boost your business like it’s never seen before. There are over a hundred companies participating in an event, a few dozen speakers, and hundreds of attendees, each one presenting new opportunities for growing one’s business. Since the events range from lectures and seminars to social gatherings and afterparties, chances present themselves one after the other.

For one group of participants, learning is a key point, and each day is filled up to the brim with good occasions to do so, as industry leaders and professionals among the speakers will share their success stories and techniques that might be used for growing and branching out. Others prefer to make their dealings more personal, and it’s easy to do so with the abundance of networking options. With meetings and introductions, parties and events, introducing yourself to new contacts and obtaining invaluable business connections come naturally, and, considering the quality of restaurants and nightclubs booked for this event, they are highly enjoyable too!

TES Affiliate Conference Prague: Key Points & Schedule

The points for affiliate marketing conferences differ each year, as the industry is as fast-evolving as possible. Trends and market strategies are constantly changing, depending on hundreds of different factors. Still, some of those points remain the same year after year and are talked about with current year specifics in mind, which are:

  • Growing one’s website audience;
  • Achieving high metrics;
  • Optimizing the ad channels;
  • Handling digital assets;
  • Traffic quality and monetization;
  • Creating an efficient sales funnel;

And many more! The first day of the conference is an easy meet-and-greet day for finding friends and business partners, but others are packed with events to see and valuable information to obtain. And while the day is full of opportunities to get invaluable knowledge, the conference is a 24/7 event, which means that nights are dedicated to fun, parties, and networking over tasty cocktails.

Headline Speakers at the TES Affiliate Conference

Industry leaders, seasoned affiliate marketing professionals, start-uppers, executives, and experts: there are a lot of words to be said about TES Affiliate Conference speakers, yet the most important thing is that they have extensive knowledge of the digital marketing and sales industry and are willing to share it with attendees. Some of the names of people who are going to hold their lectures and seminars at the conference include:

  • Andy Wullmer, CEO of TrafficPartner.com with “How to be a good brand ambassador”;
  • Craig Campbell, SEO consultant with a topic of “Buying and selling digital assets”;
  • Alex Melen, the co-founder of SmartSites with “How to Scale Ecommerce with Omni-Channel Marketing”;
  • Piyush Lalchand Kukreja, digital growth consultant and CEO of LaunchYourFunnels with “Growth Funnels to boost your sales”.

And those are just a few examples of dozens of different educational events by big-time digital marketing professionals to be held in Prague this August. With the variety of topics to be held at the same time, each marketer attending TES Affiliate Conference in Prague might set up an ideal journey into in-depth insights into affiliate marketing and sales.

Stick Out in Prague to See What it Has in Store!

And for those attendees who are about to arrive early or stick in Prague for a longer time, you’re in for a great discovery! This old capital isn’t a solemn museum town many people who have never been to the Czech Republic imagine it to be, as it’s one of the liveliest cities in Europe with brimming nightlife, fantastic cuisine, and many places to attend that might surprise even the pickiest tourists.

Must-see tourist attractions include:

  • Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)
  • Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)
  • Old Town Square (with Clementinum, Tin Church and Astronomical Clock on top of Old Town Hall Tower)
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Prague’s Jewish Quarter

Examples of other, less touristy places might include CyberDog Robotic Wine Bar, which isn’t a place that many would expect to see in a city as old and classic as Prague. There’s more to this futuristic location in a city center than it looks, as it also features a robotic bartender perfect for tourists tired from all the attention they get.

For a livelier option, Wine Food Market might just do the trick. Overwhelmingly cozy and always crowded, this wine restaurant appearing more like an old-school beer garden, is one of the best places to soak in Prague’s atmosphere. And wine fumes!

Czech cuisine is a fantastic companion to help digest all the knowledge about the affiliate marketing attendees of the TES Conference are about to obtain. And there’s no better place to get fried duck or goulash than Café Imperial, probably the best food establishment in Prague.

And, of course, there are various tourist destinations. Most online guides focus on specific locations, like Charles Bridge and Vysehrad Castle, but we would recommend walking around the Old City as is, without any prior knowledge. Prague has lots of surprises in store, and that particular district is a deck full of aces in that regard, as every building you see and almost every café, restaurant, or beer garden one might encounter are works of art.

And Some Final Thoughts…

There are multiple reasons to visit Prague in August – nice weather, fantastic architecture, good food, and friendly locals, but for marketers, the TES Affiliate Conference held in the city poses various opportunities for a breakthrough and tons of knowledge waiting to be used.

Book your tickets now to get the best spots for a unique event held in one of the greatest cities on the planet with one of the greatest speakers an attendee might ever encounter when they are interested in affiliate marketing.

Besides, some of our readers might have stumbled on this blog entry by chance, others have been with us for years, but there’s one thing in common between them. Should they want to ask us any question, commentaries and email inquries are always an option, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, and it’s easy to get one at TES Affiliate Conference Prague 2022 – this link has all the details about the time when Ads Empire exclusive event & meeting will be held, so mark it down your calendar and can’t wait to see you in Prague!