The Best Payment Methods for Affiliates in 2022

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Picking the appropriate payment processor for your affiliate business is a big step. They are responsible for accurate and safe transfers between you and the sites you promote. We dug deep and made the list of the 14 best payment solutions for affiliate marketing in 2022. Each of them is trustworthy. The top 7 of them even work great in combination with AdsEmpire.

Payment processors differ in many ways. Here are the most important factors for affiliate marketers.

  • Fees – lower fees leave more money for your business.
  • Multi-channel payment processing – if your partners like paying with different methods, this is a must.
  • Fraud detection – cyber attacks aren’t happening only in movies
  • chargeback protection support – chargebacks are there to protect customers, but they sometimes abuse them.
  • Customer support – s**t happens. You want them to be there for you in such moments.

Reading our guide about the basics of passive income through digital marketing will help you understand the topic if you’re new. Now, let’s see which payment processor works the best for you.

Wire – Safe Affiliate Payment Method with High Fees

Wire transfers are one of the most popular methods for sending and receiving money. It usually involves two banks, but affiliate marketers can use it to get their commission directly from the seller. It’s easy to use and relatively fast (usually 24-48 hours).

Wire transfers have high fees for international transfers. And the amount of time they take to process payments is different in each country. In the US, UK, and EU, things move quickly. But in countries with less developed banking systems, marketers using wire transfers have to learn how to be patient.

Main pros:

  • Available in most countries
  • Safe
  • Better for local affiliate businesses who sell to local people

Paxum – The Best Payment Processor For Online Business

Paxum is a marketing payment processor popular among affiliates worldwide. It has flat fees, so it’s easy to track (calculate) your earnings. Wire transfers from Paxum have very high fees, so most users decide to take their Mastercard card to get access to their funds.

The card works like every other card and has a fee of only 2$ for ATM withdrawals, but you have to pay an annual fee for using it. That makes some new affiliates look for the payment solution elsewhere. Paxum was created by developers for developers, so if you have any history in the industry, you’ll love it.

Main pros:

  • Compatible with most marketing tools (including AdsEmpire)
  • Designed especially for affiliate marketing
  • Flat fees

PayPal – The Most Famous Affiliate Payment Solution

You don’t have to be in an affiliate or marketing business to know about PayPal. That’s the most famous payment processor, but they aren’t living out of old fame. They’re constantly developing their already solid safety features.

That makes them the first choice of many eCommerce businesses. If you market an eCommerce store that uses PayPal, you don’t pay additional fees for getting your commission. In other words, there are no fees for transactions between PayPal accounts.

Main pros:

  • Available everywhere
  • Allows you to get paid in 25 currencies
  • Free bank transfers (in developed countries)

Genome – You Get a Manager Just for You

Genome is an electronic money institution under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania. That makes it safe. But a dedicated account manager for every account makes them unique. It means the same person will always be there for you, which saves time you’d waste explaining your situation to someone new. Business accounts on Genome can have multi-currency accounts with up to 5 additional accounts in each currency.

Main pros:

  • Notifications in real-time
  • Account statements available in PDF and CSV
  • Good for SEPA and SWIFT transactions

Paysera – For European Marketers Working With Europeans

Paysera creates a free IBAN (bank account) for every user in SEPA countries (European countries where it’s possible to make card payments in Euro). On top of that, they offer free transactions in the European currency (for private users), which makes them affordable to new affiliate marketers in developed European countries. But Paysera isn’t just for the European market. It supports over 30 currencies and has affordable exchange rates.

Main pros:

  • Paysera Visa card (not free – 3$ for private and 5$ for business accounts)
  • Free transfers in Europe for non-business users
  • Free and unlimited transfers in Euro / affordable in other currencies

Bitcoin – Payment Alternative That Shows No Signs of Stopping

Many affiliate marketers use Bitcoin because it’s one of the best payment solutions in the world. It’s impossible to intercept transactions, and the middleman isn’t even in the story. If you choose Bitcoin for your marketing payment processor and promote a business that’s willing to pay you in Bitcoin – there are no additional fees. Also, if you leave what you get in your wallet, your money may earn you money if the Bitcoin value rises.

Main pros:

  • Anonymous
  • Fast
  • Relatively low fees for paying with Bitcoin)

WebMoney – The King of Eastern Europe

Their website doesn’t look like it represents one of the best payment processors for online businesses. However, WebMoney is one of the best solutions for everyone working in the Eastern European market. Their free feature, WebMoney Escrow, ensures the safety of every transaction. They offer debt services, but we hope your business won’t need them. But you can help people through their fundraising service.

Main pros:

  • Accepted everywhere
  • Numerous free features
  • Peer to peer fee is paid by the sender

Capitalist – Customer-Oriented Platform

Most affiliate marketers do other marketing-related things too. Even if they’re 100% affiliate, they use ad networks. Capitalist lets you add money to ad networks for free without leaving their platform. Their mission is to make life simpler for affiliates, and they’re doing it well. However, it will still pass some time until they catch up with the best payment solutions.

Main pros:

  • Supports BTC and USDT Tether transactions
  • Easy to connect with E-wallets

QIWI – Another Affiliate Payment for Eastern Europe

QIWI is older than most marketing payment solutions on this list, as it was founded in 2007.

The main difference between QIWI and its competitors is that QIWI has almost 200,000 cash terminals. It’s not perfect for working outside of Ukraine and Kazakhstan because the maximum transaction limit is 15,000₽ (around 181$).

Main pros:

  • Popular in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • Full availability offline and online

Stripe – Developer-Friendly Ecommerce Payment Method

Some affiliate payment solutions don’t let you process payments from different businesses on the same account. On Stripe, that’s not an issue. You can take commissions from as many businesses as you like using only one account.

Main pros:

  • Accepts most currencies (130+ of them)
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • One account to rule them all – Good for High-Volume Orders

If you’re working in a niche where you get a lot of orders or very high commissions, might be for you. Their flat fees ensure you don’t have to guess (calculate) how much money they’d take you.

Main pros:

  • Flat fees
  • Great technical support
  • Trustworthy (developed by Visa)

WorldPay – You’ll Love Their Live Dashboard

WorldPay is a UK-based payment solution with one exceptional feature. Their Live Dashboard lets you monitor your results in real-time. Other than making things as easy to read as possible, they’re working hard on making their system 100% fraud-proofed.

Main pros:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Automatic transfers to your bank account
  • Top-notch fraud protection

Skrill – They Aren’t Afraid to Risk

Skrill started as a tool for transferring gambling winnings. It’s not surprising they’re still more likely to accept affiliates from gray industries than most other affiliate payment solutions.

Main pros:

  • Flat fee for withdrawing to your bank account (5,5€)
  • The best solution for international transactions in some countries
  • More open to gray niches such as dating and gambling

PaySimple – Focused on Service Providers

PaySimple lives up to its name because it’s easy to set up and use. Even rookie affiliate marketers can use it without any issues. If troubles occur, they have great customer support. They’ll guide you through every step.

Main pros:

  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Extraordinary customer support
  • Keeps developing

As you can see, the choice of the best payment solutions is colorful. Some are better for certain niches. Others are great in some countries, but can’t do anything in other parts of the world.

Picking a processor that answers all your needs should be easier after reading our list. It’s important to mention that AdsEmpire can provide you with the top 6 payment methods (Wire, Paxum,PayPal, Bitcoin, USDT). If you’re eager to learn more and receive exclusive offers, join the AdsEmpire telegram channel. We won’t bore you to death, and you’ll see the value from the very start.