The Basics of Building Passive Income Through Digital Marketing

There is a perception that affiliate income is often inconsistent and unreliable. However, there are multiple products and services available online that can ensure a decent affiliate income annually.

Building an affiliate income always requires extra effort, research, and knowledge. And while it does not mean that it is impossible to establish it fast, you need to realize that it will not happen overnight.

With this handy guide, you will learn the basics of working as an affiliate marketer and building a steady stream of passive income effectively.

Understanding Affiliate Income

In a nutshell, any digital marketer can earn money through marketing programs or with the help of a CPA network.

The most traditional way of making money in digital marketing is promoting other company’s products and services. Affiliates often use display ads, affiliate links, and other alternatives of digital content for promotional purposes.

What Is the Average Income?

There is no standardized monthly income in digital marketing. The statistics often differ from niche to niche, but the earnings can reach up to $1,000 a month and even more. In fact, some of the market leaders make a good six-figure passive income with digital programs.

Naturally, there are more realistic money-related statistics like PayScale offers. It states that the average digital marketing income is around $51,000. It means that the bottom 10% makes about $37,000, and the top 10% earns close to $71,000.

Alternatively, ZipRecruiter puts a spin on the affiliate income story. It states that the highest annual affiliate income is around $155,000, making a monthly earning reach $12,800 and a weekly income reach around $3,000.

Regardless of the forecast, there is no doubt that digital marketers are doing pretty well. And in some cases, even better than expected.

Making a Fortune With Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Today, blogging is not uncommon, and it remains one of the crucial digital marketing instruments. If done right, it can help you generate immense earnings, and here is how:

  • You can create and update content regularly to build an audience
  • You can gain access to a broad cross-niche audience through paid promotions, email marketing, remarketing, and organic traffic generation
  • You can use affiliate links in your blog posts
  • Blogging can help you build an authority

If you think that blogging can no longer generate affiliate income because it is an oversaturated niche, you are wrong.

Here are the examples of successful affiliate bloggers for inspiration:

Back to the Passive Income

Is there anything passive about it? Well, it is no secret that even passive income requires work and devotion.

You will have to spend some time learning, setting up your blog, picking the most appealing affiliate programs, coming up with different approaches to ad creatives, and creating content to promote offers. But once you feel it out and get it right, you will gain valuable experience and learn to optimize.

What you should really focus on in the very beginning is picking suitable program options.

What Are the Top Options for Affiliate Income?

Case in point, you need to focus on recurring commissions. It means handpicking the most reliable and high-end affiliate programs. Your best bet is to do the research and decide whether you wish to earn commissions monthly or yearly. But bear in mind that your affiliate income level first and foremost depends on you.

Best Options for Recurring Commissions

Here is the list of the high-class affiliate programs we recommend.

#1. SocialPilot

It is a social media automation tool that offers a digital program. It allows earning a 30% commission for every fresh referral and renewal.

#2. Leadpages

Leadpages offer an appealing program if you are interested in lead generation. You can earn up to a 50% commission for the referrals who become customers.

#3. Weebly

That is another great example of an affiliate program offering a 30% commission on sales of its site creator tools.

#4. Aweber

The company has a digital program called Aweber Advocates. You can acquire access to it for free and get a 30% monthly commission for the remaining customers.

#5. ConvertKit

If you are an email marketing enthusiast, this affiliate program can be a perfect choice. It is available for free and allows earning a 30% commission for the remaining customers.

Five Excellent Tips That Will Increase Your Affiliate Income

If you are strongly motivated to succeed in digital marketing, these tips will help you transform a pipe dream into a successful strategy.

#1. Select the Right Niche and Products

You do not have to be a jack of all trades to be successful in digital marketing. Instead, you need to choose the products you understand, know, or even love. If you can keep them relevant and captivating for the audience, they will click on the links and help you earn all the commissions.

#2. Focus on Sharing and Providing Valuable Information

Reliable information is the key to establishing a connection with your visitors and earning their loyalty. Here’s the deal, you need to help visitors make up their minds. That is why they keep looking for product reviews, comparisons, and guides. They need to find additional reassurance and comfort, and you can offer it.

#3. Always Optimize the Content

SEO can be your friend or foe. But for obvious reasons, you need to optimize your content regularly and make it search engine friendly to keep the searches going. The more search hits you get, the more likely you will get the desired commission.

#4. Use Videos for Promotional Purposes

Authenticity has to be one of the main emphases in your work. And video can really help with that. In fact, videos are responsible for around 55% of in-store purchases. It can only mean one thing – it is the hottest promotional method. So, we do not recommend ignoring it.

#5. Experimenting = Boosting Conversions

Let’s say that you have managed to attract traffic to your blog. But no rest for the wicked because you are not even nearly done. Your ultimate goal is to make the visitors click. One way to do that is to experiment with headlines and CTAs.

Alternatively, you can also check the potential headline CTR, the trending images that might be more appealing to your audience in particular, and consider the GEO-related preferences and peculiarities.

Now that you have seen how you can establish a passive income, it is time to work on your affiliate marketing skills and create the lifestyle you have always wanted.

And we hope you’ll keep coming back here for more information on all things affiliate marketing.