All the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Affiliate Marketing

All the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers need to produce top-quality content to keep growing. That’s just one of the things you have to take care of if you want to be successful in affiliate. So if you don’t want to burn out before making any sales, use every tool that helps your productivity. That’s how all big dogs do it. Finding the best traffic source for digital marketing isn’t only about traffic. It’s about time you put into it. And Chrome has a bunch of extensions to save you time.

After adding some of the best extensions for Chrome, your browser will turn into the best affiliate marketing tool you can get for free. 

We have classified these under different categories:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Blogging

Affiliate Marketing:

A) EditThisCookie: Everybody can be a cookie master with this tool

Edit This Cookie is the first cookie manager for Chrome. It’s also the most complete because it lets you edit, delete, create, and add new cookies. It has some read-only features such as blocking cookies and cookie protection. Exporting and importing cookies in JSON format is simple. And it tracks performance improvement.

B) Affilitizer: Affiliate sites can’t stay hidden anymore

Another popular free extension for affiliate marketers is Affilitizer. It shows other affiliate sites on SERP or sends a notification if you land on another marketer’s site. Finding suitable affiliate programs is easy with Affilitizer because it has 80k programs.

Social Media:

A) RiteTag: Never miss a hashtag again

Do you wonder about the performance of hashtags when you post content on social media? RiteTag keeps you updated. It needs access to Facebook or Twitter using your credentials and color codes the typed tags in real-time.

  • The red hashtag color shows over-popular hashtags – they are too competitive, so it’s better to use different hashtags to get better reach.
  • The green hashtag color shows that the content will grow in popularity – jump on those before they become too popular.
  • Gray hashtag color shows up when you pick a hashtag with diminished engagement – it’s better to avoid them because it’s easier to fulfill demand than create it.
  • The blue hashtag shows that the content’s popularity will grow gradually – those are also good.

B) BuzzSumo: Keeping track of social media made easy

BuzzSumo is all you need to track your social media performance. Click the extension to check important metrics like backlinks and the number of times the content has been shared. It shows you info about content engagement. It’s ideal for analyzing competitors and finding new opportunities to increase engagement.


A) SEOQuake: A lazy man’s way to do quick SEO audits

SEOQuake is a Chrome extension that locates backlinks on sites you visit. It also shows ranking info using the search results on Google. Additional information like internal and external links, the specific keyword density, and the number of backlinks to a site come in handy while spying on competitors or building SEO strategies.

B) Ahrefs SEO Toolbar: Don’t guess keywords anymore

Ahrefs Toolbar for SEO is an invaluable extension for every affiliate marketer. It gives you insight into keywords for every site you visit. If you are looking for the top-performing keywords for PPC & SEO, this toolbar finds the best opportunities. This toolbar also gathers information about competitors and locates the best ways to backlink. 


A) Grammarly: Even the free version gives value

Uploading content full of mistakes ruins your reputation. Grammarly is there to solve that. It shows grammatical errors, but it also gives stylistic tips. If you use one word too many times in a paragraph, it will let you know. If there’s a synonym that fits the context better, it will suggest it. Still, it’s tricky to get perfect texts without going premium, but using the free version will still make your content much better (and boost your English).

B) Readme: This Chrome extension will be your personal proofreader

The best way to locate mistakes in any text is to proofread it twice or thrice. The only issue is that we often can’t see errors while reading. However, Readme, a text-to-speech reader, is a Chrome extension that can read any text you write back to you. That’s the best way to spot errors because you’ll notice typos and grammatical errors. It’s also great for checking the flow of your text.

Using the right extensions is the simplest way to become more productive as an affiliate marketer. You can save valuable time using multiple Google Chrome extensions. And we saved you time by putting all of them in one blog post.

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