Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Softwares for Noobs and Pros

Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Softwares for Noobs and Pros

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Platforms save enormous amounts of time and money to marketers worldwide. We researched them and picked the best for you.

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Doing affiliate marketing without the help of trackers stops being a job and turns into torture. Checking everything all the time and trying to follow where clicks are coming from may seem simple if you’ve just started your affiliate adventure. But as soon as you start getting more traffic and sales, you’ll notice that you need help. Management platforms we’ll list don’t just follow your clicks and earnings. They show growth opportunities and give insights into your audience. That’s why using good affiliate marketing trackers isn’t optional anymore. So, keep reading to find the one that suits your needs.

What do Affiliate marketing trackers do?

Before we move to the best examples of tools for affiliate marketers, we’ll explain what all of them have in common. Hope you aren’t hungry because there’ll be cookies in the story.

In affiliate marketing, people get commissions for promoting other people’s or companies’ products or services. But companies don’t just give money to everyone who shares their links, only to those who bring them profit. Without affiliate trackers, following that would be nearly impossible. When readers click on a certain affiliate link, trackers give their browsers a cookie (how nice of them). If they buy the product from the link within a set period, the marketer gets the commission. Cookies can last up to 999 days.

And no, that’s not everything affiliate tracking platforms do. They provide analytical data marketers use to find goldmines. They help analyze and optimize campaigns because you can easily compare certain ads and traffic sources. That lets you shove more money in the direction of the best-performing campaigns to maximize profit. But it helps to deal with under-achieving parts of your strategy and fix them. Many of those opportunities slip through the fingers of those who stick just to Google Analytics 4 and other free platforms.

Top-quality Affiliate tracking platforms and their benefits

Now when you know what to expect from an affiliate tracker, it’s time to show you the best on the market. Some are better for rookies, some are better for experts. But in the end, these are the best tools for affiliate marketers available today.



  • monitors over 30 metrics in real-time
  • Traffic Distribution AI automatically sends traffic to best-performing pages and ads
  • Automatizer – enables auto-optimizing of all campaigns on all traffic sources
  • Anti-fraud Kit – detects bot clicks to help you see actual data from real people
  • Split-testing and data reading is simple to do

Voluum is the most popular affiliate tracking system because it’s easy to use, so it’s the first choice for many new affiliates. It’s easy to integrate all platforms into it. Once you connect them, reading data isn’t a problem either. They pay a lot of attention to UX, meaning everyone can easily see and analyze data. And there’ll be a lot of data to analyze because Voluum tracks many factors. Here are some of them: Affiliate Network, Countries, Carriers, Clicks, Browsers, Browser Version, City, Connection Type, Conversions, Country, Day, Device Type, Hour of the Day, IP, ISP, Landers, Language, Mobile Carrier, Models, Month, OS, OS Version, Offers, Referrer, Referrer Domain, and State/Region.

Pricing (plans offer different possibilities):

  • Start-up – $499/month
  • Agency – $999/month
  • Enterprise – $1999/month



  • easy to integrate with the number of trusted affiliate partners
  • also offers PPC tracking
  • great UX ensures ease of use
  • great for split testing
  • the variety of pricing plans

We’re moving from the affiliate tracker popular among rookies to the one popular among experts. AdsBridge works on cloud hosting, but they have their own servers. It combines the best of both worlds because you get results in real-time without additional downloads or depending on any piece of hardware. AdsBridge stands out from the other affiliate tracking platforms by its split testing feature. Yes, all trackers have split test features. But this one also has a bunch of landing page templates to let you quickly create pages to send traffic to. And yes, they provide the hosting for those landing pages too.

Prices (plans offer different possibilities):

  • 14-days FREE trial
  • Starter – $29/month
  • Professional – $89/month
  • Advanced – $199/month
  • Business -$379/month
  • Agency -$499/month
  • Enterprise -$799/month
  • Exclusive – individual price



  • marketed as the fastest tracker on the market
  • good for split testing
  • compatible with all traffic sources
  • tools are easy to understand and use
  • possible to create campaigns in a bulk
  • AI included in every pricing plan

ThriveTracker is an affiliate tracking system developed by a successful Russian affiliate. It’s made by marketers for marketers, so it covers everything. They’re very proud of the speed at which ThriveTracker works and dare users to show them faster trackers. It’s cloud-based and connected directly with the Amazon cloud infrastructure. Apart from speed and ease of use, this ad tracking software has a great AI feature. It optimizes campaigns automatically based on ROIs and CTRs. In other words, it does everything it can to earn you money even while you’re away.


  • Cloud Lite – $49/month
  • Lite + – $59/month
  • Classic – $99/month


Basing a marketing strategy on hopes and guesses is expensive nowadays because everybody uses data to maximize their profits. Doing affiliate without using the best affiliate tracking software you can afford is torture. It would take hours just to do CPA tracking. And you know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t be stubborn; it won’t help. Use affiliate tracking platforms to avoid disasters and cash in on opportunities you wouldn’t notice on your own.