+1 Month To Earn The Great Bonus!

Great news! We have decided to extend our promotion to September.

That means you have +1 month to reach the traffic goals and get a fantastic bonus!

To remind you of the conditions:

For the Direct Offers:

Drive traffic to selected geos: BEL, CHE, AUT, and get the bonus of $1500 for every $10k you make!

TOP-performing offers to start with:

Datemij, Findepartner, Tousles2 BEL $6.0/$5.0
Flirtenhier, Findepartner, Liebein AUT $7.0/$6.0
Findepartner, Tousles2, Liebein CHE $10.0/$9.0

Ask your manager for the details!

For the Dating Smartlink:

Get the bonus of $500 for every $5k you earn! Geos: BEL, CHE, AUT, DEU.

Payouts have also increased for these specific geos:

BEL $6.0/$5.0
AUT $7.0/$6.0
CHE $10.0/$9.0
DEU $5.0/$4.5

Increasing your profit has never been easier. So Carpe Diem!