Hidden potential GEOs for dating traffic

Dating is an evergreen vertical in affiliate marketing. While other niches may experience noticeable downward trends in conversions during specific periods of the year, the dating niche remains consistently stable. In recent years, GEOs such as Germany, France, the USA, and the UK have gained immense popularity, which has led to noteworthy drops in profits and a heightened level of competition. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the most overlooked locations to start your campaigns and earn more revenue. Let’s dive in!


Dating in Portugal aligns with the trends observed in other European countries, with the national language being Portuguese.

The most active age group on dating sites falls within the 24-47 range, creating a vibrant and varied community eager for connections.

Remarkably, all traffic originates from mobile devices, which sets Portugal apart from other countries on our list. Notably, over 20% of this traffic comes from iOS, while the remaining 80% originates from Android.

For targeted advertising, key cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Amadora, and Braga offer prime opportunities to reach your desired audiences.

Portuguese social media engagement is focused on Facebook and Instagram, providing effective channels for reaching and resonating with your target groups. It’s recommended to use mainstream creatives to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, discovering your audience allows you to successfully implement a casual design that provides a high conversion rate. Here are some charming examples of ads to inspire your approach:

Best offers to try for this GEO:
OneNightFriend, Bonsengates –  MOB 3$ / WEB 3$


Sweden, which is famous for the belief that its residents are some of the most beautiful people on Earth, provides a great opportunity for capitalizing on dating traffic.

The user base of dating sites spans diverse age categories, providing a rich field for testing audience targeting strategies. We recommend exploring the 25-30, 35-50, and 50-65 age groups to ensure a comprehensive approach and optimal results.

Given Sweden’s Tier 1 status, it’s noteworthy that a significant 40% of users access dating platforms through iOS devices, with the rest of the traffic coming from Android. When creating ads, don’t shy away from showcasing images of stunning girls – this is perfectly aligned with Swedish norms. Here, we present you with examples to spark your inspiration:

Best offers to launch:
OneNightFriend, Snabbflirt –  MOB $8 / WEB $9


Poland is a small country in Central Europe with a population of around 38 million. What makes this country truly special is its people’s affinity for new connections and short-term romances. This is an excellent chance for anyone looking to take advantage of that.

Poland is distinguished by having the youngest audience in Europe (average age 34) and is an ideal demographic for targeting. Focusing on people between 26 and 50 years old yields excellent results in ad campaigns, ensuring a high conversion rate.  

Among devices, Android leads the way with an impressive 84%, capturing the majority of the dating market. However, iOS still holds a significant share of 11%, making it a noteworthy player. For tailored campaigns in this market, creatives featuring young girls in underwear resonate exceptionally well. Embrace the Polish language to foster a connection with the audience. Here are some delightful examples to inspire your creativity:

Dating offers for Poland:
IamNaughty, Bzykrandki – MOB $2 / WEB $2.5

Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is recognized for its lively culture. Interestingly, the country is a global hub for the creation of sexual content, which shapes the dating landscape where one-night stands are commonplace.

With an average user age of around 37 y.o., the sweet spot for audience targeting lies within the 25-45 age range, capturing the diverse interests of this demographic.

Regarding online interaction, most dating site users in the Czech Republic favor mobile devices. The prevalence of Android as the leading operating system stands at an impressive 77%, though iOS also demonstrates promising results. In this environment, Facebook and Instagram emerged as the go-to social networks for the Czech audience. To create irresistibly appealing creatives, keep in mind that Czechs prefer images featuring young girls and MILFs. Here are some examples to consider:

Offers we recommend to try:
OneNightFriend, Zhavenoci – MOB $4 / WEB $4


Nestled in Southeastern Europe, Croatia is a charming small country with a population of 3.8 million people. The country has huge potential in the dating market, with a rising popularity of dating apps.

The average age of Croatian users is 34, making the 18-45 age group optimal for targeting your ad campaigns. A staggering 81% of Croatians are Internet users, and the go-to social network is Facebook, capturing the attention of 77% of the population.

When it comes to operating systems, Android dominates with a usage rate of 84%, while iOS follows with 14%. Cities like Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka stand out as the most populous and offer promising opportunities to reach your audience. Considering banners, we suggest embracing casual and erotic designs featuring Balkan girls. Alternatively, MILFs are also effective! The preferred language for creatives is Croatian, which is spoken by 90% of the population.

Dating offers to try:
OneNightFriend, NaughtyDate – MOB $2 / WEB $2


Located in Central Europe, Slovenia has a vibrant urban and cultural atmosphere. The country’s population is 2.2 million, and the official language is Slovenian. With an average user age of 37, Slovenia offers a prime target audience ranging from 25 to 50 years old.

When it comes to social networking, Facebook takes the lead with an impressive 86% usage rate. Mobile platforms dominate at 89%, with an additional 11% coming from desktop traffic.

Android and iOS stand out as the preferred operating systems, creating an environment for effective work. Key cities such as Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, and Celje are the country’s cultural and social hubs. When it comes to dating preferences, Slovenians lean towards mainstream and casual dating. For optimal engagement, we recommend including casual banners in your strategy. It might also be worth experimenting with more provocative content, such as images of naked girls, to determine which approach yields the best results.

Dating offers to try:
Together2Night, Loveaholics – MOB $2 / WEB $2


Romania, the largest of the Balkan countries, boasts a unique dating culture. With a population of 19 million, the country holds a traditional mindset, making it less receptive to gay dating offers.

As for the age of the target audience, the average user is 34 y.o., and the main audience for dating offers spans from 23 to 46.

Facebook remains the leading social network in Romania, capturing the attention of the majority of the population. Mobile traffic takes priority, with Android users constituting 80% and iOS users making up the remaining 20%.

As for the geographic landscape of your target audience, key urban centers in Romania, including Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Constanța, present prime opportunities for your dating campaigns. Consider the following examples of creatives to engage your audience effectively:

Offers from AdsEmpire:
Flirturidulci, Flirt – MOB $2 / WEB $2


Having the longest coastline in Europe, Greece is a country where family life holds significant importance. Nevertheless, the younger generation is attracted to nightlife and the quest for one-night stands.

The age group actively engaging with dating sites in Greece spans from 25 to 55 years old, showcasing a diverse range of people seeking companionship and connections. For effective targeting, it’s crucial to note that mobile platforms, especially Android, dominate the market. Moreover, focusing on key cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras enhances the chances of reaching the desired audience.

When launching banner ads, opting for casual or mainstream creatives proves to be more effective. The language used can be either Greek or English, with Greek yielding better results. However, experimenting with English is also allowed and encouraged. Examples of engaging creatives include:

Dating offers we recommend to try for the Greece GEO:
AskMe4date, BeNaughty – MOB $3 / WEB $3.5

The article spotlights GEOs that are often overlooked but prove lucrative for running dating offers. By strategically targeting these diverse markets and customizing campaigns to specific cultural nuances, you can tap into untapped potential and maximize your profits.

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