Hottest Affiliate Marketing Events: How to Close Your Summer

Hottest Affiliate Marketing Events: How to Close Your Summer

Affiliate marketing is a busy field that never stops expanding, so no matter the time of the year, there are always lots of exciting events and brilliant opportunities to connect with fellow marketers to exchange ideas about improving conversions and advancing your business. If our readers are looking for fun events that can help them do better in their field, we’ve got a list of the hottest events for the end of summer 2022 (plus one amazing one this fall – don’t miss it!). You can actually connect with us at all of these events, as AdsEmpire is represented at each of them by our amazing team, who can’t wait to hear your stories, suggestions, and inquiries!

ClickBid Meetup

When: August 21, 2022

What to expect: A unique networking event, sponsored by AdsEmpire, with the prime professionals across all branches of the e-Marketing field, but first and foremost with Lead Generation and Super Affiliates. An evening with talented and inspiring people amongst free drinks in luxury environments will only enhance productivity and introductions. Registration is still open, so make use of the link and get involved.

Conversion Party

When: August 22, 2022

What to expect: Acting as an overture to the next big event on our list, the Conversion party is a drinks meetup to help marketers settle down in Prague, relax, and meet their colleagues across multiple branches in the affiliate marketing field and spend a joyous evening in a comfortable environment. Anyone can join and have a great time drinking and networking.

TES Prague

When: 22-25 of August 2022

What to expect:  One of the biggest networking and learning events for marketers in the summer of 2022: three to four days of educational and inspirational lectures combined with networking, partying, and exploring the wondrous city of Prague. Those interested can find all the details on the official website of the conference, but there are a few key advantages one can expect at the TES affiliate conference in Prague:

  • A huge, multi-layered event with lots of lectures and seminars taking place at the same time, so anyone can plan their day according to their preferences;
  • Thousands of participants guarantee an infinite amount of networking opportunities, business meetings, potential partnerships, and more;
  • Meaningful insights from the industry’s leaders;
  • Lots of casual partying to ease up after a hard day at the conference;
  • Since AdsEmpire is a headlining sponsor of the event, it’s easy to meet us by booking a meeting. To do so, just click the link and mark the time and a place!


When: 25-28 of August 2022

What to expect: The ultimate summer experience, this expo held in the wonderful city of Limassol, Cyprus, is both a relaxing and productive event. Combining time at the pool and useful lectures (available not only at the conference itself but also online), WMA provides an unforgettable experience that’s full of opportunities to meet fellow professionals and see the case studies and working examples of successful web services for yourself. Also, don’t miss the chance to meet AdsEmpire experts there – book a meeting through our link, and we’ll be happy to see you in Cyprus!


When: August 29 – September 1, 2022

What to expect: The Romanian capital of Bucharest may be slightly behind Prague in popularity polls among tourists, yet visitors can expect to be joined by more than 3000 guests representing dozens of countries and hundreds of companies. With networking events bringing people together (including the one and only AdsEmpire), a huge audience for product presentations and bringing new eyes and investments to one’s service or website, and various masterclasses from true pros sharing their experiences, the AWSummit is a fantastic place at which to finish the summer of 2022. Let’s book a meeting?

ClickBid Ibiza

When: 6-8 of September 2022

What to expect: ClickBid Ibiza takes the island of eternal summer by storm. This high-class event is all about networking – join the CEOs and other influential figures in the marketing industry for a meet-and-greet, accompanied by a warm breeze, beach vibes, and quality music. AdsEmpire wouldn’t miss the chance to become one of the sponsors for such an event, and if any of our readers want to meet – we’ll be waiting for you on the warm beaches of Ibiza with open arms. Check your calendar and choose the best time for a meeting with AdsEmpire in Ibiza!


The end of summer is one of the hottest times for marketers. The business might be slower during the vacation season, so it’s the perfect time to meet other representatives of the affiliate sphere, learn from the best, convince the world of the potential and success of your business model, and grow, grow, and grow. Your contact network, business opportunities, and skills will receive a huge boost after attending even one event. AdsEmpire is always willing to share our knowledge and learn a useful strategy or two, so come and say hi if you decide to spend the end of summer 2022 productively and have fun while learning and meeting industry leaders and professionals.