Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Telegram Ads

Telegram Ads. How they work

Telegram has over 500 million monthly users. Excluding it from your marketing strategy costs A LOT. Read this guide to learn WHATs and WHYs about Telegram ads.

Telegram Ads. How they work

Younger generations don’t know the real meaning of telegram. They think wired phones are relics from the past. No one sends telegrams anymore. But everybody is on Telegram. That communication platform thrives thanks to its business model that protects the end-users from data mining. And where people go, companies follow.

Telegram Ads slapped Google Ads across the face with their different approach. They’re still not in the same league, but every serious company uses Telegram for marketing and earning the trust of their (potential) clients. People appreciate companies who are there for them 24/7, which is possible on Telegram even without making your employees work in 3 shifts. But Telegram communication with clients isn’t the topic of this guide.

We’ll focus on ads because they bring direct profit. However, you can’t just install Telegram and start targeting all 500 million users. First, you need to have your Telegram channel.

What is a Telegram channel?

Do you know how Facebook lets you create sites and groups? Telegram groups and Facebook groups are very similar. They gather people with similar interests at the same place, and every member can post there. It’s the same on Telegram.

Facebook sites are different beasts. They are created for one-way communication. Companies use them to interact with their audiences, send traffic to their websites, and boost sales. Followers don’t have as much power there as in groups.

It’s the same with Telegram channels. As the owner, you’re the king. You decide what’s posted and when. Subscribers can’t see each other. Each of them feels like the company is talking directly to them. It feels like a one-on-one channel, even though it’s one-to-many.

The biggest challenge related to Telegram channels is gaining subscribers, but that’s an issue on all platforms. We’ll share how to lure them to your channel a bit later. Now, we’ll show you the USP of Telegram ads.

Who will your Telegram promotion target?

People are sick of feeling like somebody is reading their minds. All those personalized ads on every site make us feel like we’re under the microscope. How many times have you googled something and started seeing a bunch of ads screaming at you with every click? Don’t bother answering. We know it happens all the time. So do people behind Telegram. It’s clear from their promotion site how much they value privacy. They don’t mine data, which means there’s no audience targeting.

But how to promote your business if you can’t target potential clients? Astonishingly simple!

By posting an advertisement on your Telegram channel, you show it to every subscriber on your list. They even get a notification every time you post.

The great thing about that – everybody who sees your ads is at least a warm (if not hot) audience. Businesses waste money targeting people who have 0 awareness of them. Yes, that’s useful for the top of the funnel but less effective if you’re trying to sell with that ad. Telegram is different. Everyone following any Telegram channel wants to be there; they want to see what admins have to say (offer).

Even without your channel (which we recommend creating for the sake of the ROI it brings), you can use public channels to reach potential clients. You can choose the language, approximate topics, and names of channels if you know them. But every subscriber will still see the same ad.

However, we recommend creating your Telegram channel because it could become one of your most profitable marketing tools. Depending on the reputation your company has, it will be more or less difficult to gain subscribers. But don’t worry. We’ll share practical tips to speed the process up for you.

Tips on Telegram Marketing Strategy

Benefits. Benefits everywhere.

That’s how you make any marketing strategy work. Giving value to your followers earns you their trust. It makes you an authority in your field. And to lure those who’re already interacting with you on other platforms to Telegram, you have to give them something (or promise something big).

People like to feel special. Exploit that by promising everyone special deals visible only on Telegram. Not in the newsletter, social media, or anywhere else. They have to join your channel if they want to see special offers. Of course, you have to deliver if you wish to keep your subscribers.


Telegram is still growing even though they have over 500 million monthly users. Neglecting it as a marketing tool shouldn’t even cross your mind anymore. The benefits of a Telegram channel for your business are numerous. One of the best is showing ads to the people who actually want to see them. And you can automate posts. Recognize magic when you see it. Or better yet, use it.

As we’d like to be trendy, we’re happy to invite you to our telegram channel! All useful articles, news, promotions and opportunities to increase your spend are now in one channel! See you there!