What Is Smartlink and Why to Choose It for Your Business

Top Points Why to Choose Smartlink

More important than how SmartLink works are the results it brings to those who use it. We’ll leave no stone unturned and teach you everything you need to start.

Top Points Why to Choose Smartlink

What if we tell you that you can send all of your traffic to one link, and every user will still see the ad that suits them the best? Would you believe us? If you’re familiar with smartlinks, you would. If you aren’t, it may seem like some sort of spell. But don’t worry, we aren’t like regular magicians. We don’t mind revealing how tricks work. And there are no tricks or magic in Smartlinks. Just technology.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Smartlinks and the solutions they bring.

What is smartlink?

Stop fantasizing about everything you’ll buy with the money from Smartlinks marketing. First, you need to know what Smartlinks are if you want to understand them (and use them properly).

Smartlinks are links that redirect visitors to the correct offer based on their location, language, age, gender, device, etc.

This is how smartlinks work:

  1. Someone sees your ad and clicks the link
  2. The algorithm analyzes targeting (checks who clicked the link)
  3. The user gets an offer that suits them the best (according to location, age, gender, etc.).

You can look at smartlinks as portals that take everyone where they want to get. And because users see offers prepared especially for someone like them, they’re more likely to buy. Smartlinks are useful for squeezing profit out of the traffic you’re getting.

The reasons for using Smartlinks (Money! Money! Money!)

Many new marketers use smartlinks ads because they don’t require much experience or research. You can start by targeting almost everyone and then narrow your audience as time passes (and you get more data about the best-performing areas). Be ready to invest some money first because of the inaccurate targeting. But that will give you precious data that will earn your money back (and bring profit).

Another benefit of using smartlinks is discovering the best offers and audiences. After some time, you’ll notice that some offers bring in more clicks (therefore sales) than the rest. You can create a separate campaign just for those offers (without using smartlinks). Or you can just send more traffic to those offers by promoting your Smartlink in specific areas or on popular platforms.

Remember that Smartlinks are widely used in dating and gambling. We’ll explain how people make money using Smartlinks on the examples of those niches.

Imagine you own a dating platform popular all around the world. Creating special offers for every country and every type of user (men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, women seeking women, etc.) would take forever. Or you’d need to hire an army of Red Bull addicts to create everything and track results after publishing. Thanks to the smartlink tracking, the algorithm does that for you and presents results. And the algorithm never gets tired, misses a deadline, or asks for a raise.

Rookie affiliates and marketers wouldn’t use these (almost) magical links to earn money if they required huge budgets. Meaning that Smartlink marketing is, all in all, affordable and easy to learn.

Conclusion about SmartLinks

You’ve learned that Smartlinks are URLs you present to wide audiences and connect to different offers. Each audience group (based on location, age, gender, etc.) sees a different offer after clicking the same link. They are easy to implement and popular in many niches.

Apart from being an affordable marketing tool for earning money online, Smartlinks are great for recognizing the best offers. Some big companies use them for testing their stuff before they decide to put big money behind a certain offer.

However, Smartlinks aren’t only for big players with big marketing budgets. Even beginners can and should use Smartlinks to save time. It’s difficult to do business on a global scene without them.

And if Smartlinks seem overwhelming to you, don’t worry. We’re here to guide you on every step. From the decision to use AdsEmire Smartlinks, to show you how to implement them. Don’t hesitate to start your Smartlink campaigns to monetize you traffic right now!