Understanding Smartlinks: How to Increase ROI

Affiliate marketers often follow a hunch when it comes to selling any products. And while it is common to trust your gut, you need to know what sells and how it can be sold.

In digital marketing, nothing is guaranteed. But marketers strive to eliminate speculation and guesswork from their day-to-day business activities. And the specifically designed tools are a way to achieve that goal. Smartlinks, in particular, can help them save time, improve operations, and boost conversions.

Smartlink is a straightforward way to solve most of your problems. The idea behind it is fairly simple – it helps you drive users to the specific offers. And by the specific offers, we mean the most appealing to these particular users. No hassle and no extra efforts are required.

At the technical level, the process is a bit more complex. Smartlinks offer the most effective way of utilizing all of your traffic since they are powered by algorithms analyzing multiple variables like GEO, device, connection type, operating system, etc. This way, they can lead users to the most appealing and, therefore, converting offers.

It is no secret that some of the ad campaigns might not meet your expectations. Often the root of the problem lies with the loose ends in the sales funnel itself. For instance, if you run a dating offer with GEO restrictions, you need to make sure that your fallback or remnant traffic converts. With smartlinks, you can get the guaranteed maximization of your earnings.

What’s the catch? Well, there is none. The tool determines the best combination of the landing page and an offer with a significantly higher chance to cause a payable action. Affiliates just need to relax and let the magic happen.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

At this point, you are aware that the primary benefit of using smartlinks is convenience. Apart from it, digital marketers can make the most of a range of other advantages, including the following:

  • Smartlink is a turnkey solution for affiliate marketers
  • Automatic traffic distribution and optimization
  • It saves valuable time
  • Smartlinks feature only top-performing offers
  • Affiliates can monetize remnant traffic

But there are always two sides to the coin. And understanding the main disadvantages can help you determine what works best for you. Here is what you need to know about the cons:

  • You rely entirely on the algorithm and its decision-making mechanism
  • There might be inaccuracies due to VPNs, similar IPs, corporate networks, etc.
  • It takes time for new offers to be included

Smartlinks eliminate the need to test offers manually, but some digital marketers prefer doing things the old-fashioned way. Combining approaches can be a perfect choice, especially when it comes to increasing your revenue.

What About ROI?

Smartlink can solve multiple problems for marketers and win their battle for revenue. Statistically, smartlinks can increase ROI up to 25% if compared to running individual offers, and it is not the limit.

Smartlink automation has been trending for a while now in the digital marketing industry. Since it can utilize all types of traffic, there are no restrictions when it comes to verticals or niche offers. It means that affiliates can monetize every click without spending extra time and putting effort into filtering. It is always about the relevant traffic, high CTRs, and big returns.


With smartlinks, digital marketers can avoid unnecessary actions and maximize their earnings through the automated sales funnels. Besides, it is especially rewarding to work with smartlinks when it comes to effort-consuming verticals and hard-to-distribute traffic.

Naturally, it is not a universal solution, and sometimes marketers will have to go back to basics when running ad campaigns. Even so, smartlinks guarantee the convenience and simplicity that can help you be at the top of your game.