The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums


Want to brush up on your affiliate marketing and meet new people? Here’s a list of the top affiliate marketing forums.

So, you might think that a forum is an outdated concept. Who bothers with forums anymore, right?

Not quite.

Affiliate marketing forums are good places to learn new skills, connect with like-minded folks, and join the ranks of affiliate marketers who are building a hive of knowledge.

However, how do you decide which affiliate marketing forum to pick? There are a lot of options, after all.

Why Join an Internet Marketing Forum?

Internet marketing forums for beginners are surprisingly popular. They offer something unique to the people visiting them – practical help.

You might think that affiliate marketing is a cutthroat, shrewd industry. While this is true in some circles, there are also communities of people happy to share their wisdom with you.

Affiliate marketing forums are everywhere. They exist as a way to get advice, learn new methods, and seek motivation for marketing that you might not find elsewhere.

The Top Affiliate Marketing Forums

There are plenty of affiliate marketing forums, and many can help you. Picking the right one involves knowing what’s available. Let’s take a look at some of the best options.


The first one, in no particular order, is STM.

As an affiliate marketing forum, this is probably one of the most well-rounded. It is not just a simple forum but an active community. People exchange information all the time, and the website itself has courses that people can complete.

People with years of affiliate marketing knowledge come here to share their wisdom. If you were looking for the best of the best when it came to CPA marketing forums, this would be on the list.


This is an affiliate marketing forum with a reasonable price to enter and a friendly community. affLIFT has a loyal fanbase.

There are many veteran marketers who are more than happy to share their wisdom with newcomers, and the site is still young, so it’s growing every day.


AffiliateFix is one of those sites where information is free to access and is also very active.

What you’ll find from using the site is that there is a general focus on sharing information. This is a place where people aren’t guarded with the tricks of the trade – they relish giving people tools to succeed.

Warrior Forum

When scouring the realm of the best free and paid affiliate marketing forums, this ranks pretty highly on the list. It’s called the Warrior Forum.

So far as affiliate marketing forums go, this is pretty varied in terms of content. There’s a lot of information here, and it’s not just about affiliate marketing.

A lot of other business techniques are covered here. This means that anybody can come here and get quite a bit of knowledge on basic marketing.


The final option which we’ll talk about today is AdvertCN. This is a website which has a lot of different options available.

Forum topics span a broad spectrum and include general SEO, website technologies, domain hosting, and even a section for newcomers to get helpful tips and tricks.

Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the day, there are plenty of different affiliate marketing forms for you to take a look at. Each one has a varying price, offers different benefits, and is home to different people.

There are some veterans of the industry that choose to make their presence on only one forum, so if you want knowledge from them, you’d have to go there.

Insofar as how to make these forums beneficial, it’s just about taking the time to listen to what people have to say. You have to remember, if you’re just starting out, then you need to listen to people.

Everybody has a nugget of wisdom that they can share, whether it’s through proven methods or personal experience. You have to listen if you want to get the best techniques.

What is truly great about affiliate marketing forums is that they are packed with people who are more than happy to help newcomers. Not everybody is out to get you, and some people genuinely want to make sure that you have an easy transition into the world of affiliate marketing. These are great people, so it would be in your best interest to listen.