How to Find an Affiliate Community Where You Can Learn and Earn

How to Find an Affiliate Community Where You Can Learn and Earn

What’s an Affiliate Community for You?

Positive relationships are crucial in every aspect of affiliate marketing. Brands must have good relationships with those who promote them. Affiliate marketers need to stick together and hang out with each other. And lastly, but equally important, affiliates must have good relationships with their customers. Today we’ll focus on the relationships you’ll create with other affiliate marketers. It may seem stupid, because they’re your competitors, but anyone one who doesn’t directly take money from you is not your competition. And everyone who isn’t your enemy should become your friend. The more friends you have, the more sales you’ll get. We guarantee that.

If you’re an affiliate rookie, you might still struggle to pick a niche, find good platforms, and get your business rolling. Surrounding yourself with other people who are going through the same thing (or they’ve done it in the past) is the best way to help yourself become successful.

What are Affiliate Communities, and Where to Find them?

Affiliate communities are groups of people related to affiliate marketing who hang out in the same place. Many of those places are online because affiliate marketing is popular worldwide, so it’s not surprising how many global communities there are.

The easiest way to become a trusted member of any affiliate community is to get recommended by someone from inside. However, that’s not always possible for rookies, but many Facebook groups are full of fresh and experienced marketers. Lingering in such groups can teach you a lot, but establishing connections with other members is the way to scale your business. You could meet mentors there or partner up with other affiliates. There are similar groups on LinkedIn as well.

Social media is handy for connecting with other people from the industry. Taking part in discussions about affiliate marketing does wonders for those brave enough to put themselves out there. Not only do you get to hear opinions and experiences from other marketers, but you could also impress brands that don’t let everyone promote them. Following growing affiliate companies is very helpful. It keeps you updated, helps with research, and does wonders for your network. Just by following AdEmpire on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can set a solid foundation for your affiliate empire. Being part of a community is crucial for your growth.

Of course, offline events will forever be the best for networking. It’s different talking with someone on LinkedIn and face to face. Earning someone’s trust in a person is not as difficult as online. So, whenever you have a chance to attend a networking event, go there and make friends. You’ll help them; they’ll help you. Everybody wins. That’s what affiliate communities are all about. So, if you want to connect with some awesome marketers, learn while having fun, and meet us:


Date: 16-17 October
Where: Lisbon

And here:

Date: 26-27 October
Where: Berlin

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Date: 28-30 October
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See you there!

Why Making Friends Is Crucial for Growing Affiliate Business?

Imagine wasting a year writing blogs for your website to get the traffic you’d convert to sales, and that traffic never comes. There are many reasons why that could happen, meaning there are different solutions for such problems. If you can already picture the bills from Google, Facebook, and link-building platforms, affiliate communities will help you.

We aren’t saying that making friends in the industry means you don’t have to pay for traffic or work on raising the number of organic visits. We just want to say that being well connected can bring A LOT more profit. How?

Let’s do some math. Imagine you pay $1000 for a networking event. It doesn’t even have to be about affiliate marketing, but it’d be better if it is. At the event, you meet 100 people. Of those 100, you click with 50 of them. At least 10 of those 50 will be able to help you grow your business right away. Others might be useful later, or you can help them (always give more than you get). Imagine that one of your new friends has a podcast related to products or services you’re promoting. Even if they charge you a commission for being on their podcast, that’s still a HUGE opportunity. Getting recommended to your perfect clients by someone they trust is the best way to get their approval. After tens of thousands of potential buyers visit your website, even after paying that $1000 + the podcast fee, it will feel like you got recognition for free. And the truth won’t be far from that, because you’ll invest a little to gain much more (unless your copy and funnel are terrible). That’s the beauty of knowing the right people. Now, the only issue is how to find the right people.

How to Pick the Right Affiliate Communities (Based on Your Interests and Goals)

Affiliate marketing is all about knowing your audience. But you must also find a way to be among people similar to you and decision-makers in brands you’ll like to promote. We mentioned online communities and live events as the best options for networking. However, not every event or Facebook group is suitable for everyone. If you’re promoting hunting equipment, you probably don’t want to connect with people who hate hunters. You want to meet hunters because they share your interests. More importantly, they can help you reach your business goals because they’ll either buy things you recommend or know someone who will.

Making friends is great. Especially if those friends can help you become wealthy (and you can return the favor). But before joining any affiliate community, ask yourself who your perfect clients or partners are, and where they are.