How to Work with Google UAC — Affiliate Program Overview

How to Work with Google UAC—Affiliate Program Overview

How to Work with Google UAC

First, you might ask yourself what Google UAC is and what it does. Second, you might ask, what is affiliate marketing, and can you make money as an affiliate?

Well, the affiliate marketing 2022 setup is a lot different from what it was just a few years ago. Being an affiliate is now much more involved and a little harder than just mentioning a VPN on YouTube, especially if you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business. For this, you need an affiliate marketing roadmap and strategic partnerships.

We look at how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step and why you should use Google UAC.

What is Google UAC?

Well, at its foundation, Google UAC is the Google Universal App campaign which allows you to run add campaigns for apps across the whole Google ecosystem, and let’s face it, that is a pretty big ecosystem.

These app campaigns aim to get users to install an app by displaying ads on platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, and during Google searches. During these ad campaigns, Google AI does all the heavy lifting for you, deciding who to target based on the user’s profile and history and how likely the viewer is to complete an action such as clicking and then subsequently installing the app or making in-app purchases.

What are the Benefits of Using Google UAC?

Google UAC has a few special cards up its sleeve that few other programs don’t even come close to being able to offer, such as being able to acquire and use Play Store data that other platforms simply cannot access.

UAC will deliver ads based on more than 300 multi-dimensional signal varieties, such as what the viewer watched and what they searched for in past instances of app usage. This will help to make sure that your ad is shown to the right audience.

The single biggest advantage that UAC offers is the simplicity of creating the ad. UAC will do all the heavy lifting for you, offering a one-stop ad creation experience.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting and selling a third-party product and thereby earning a commission for doing so. You can work as an affiliate by promoting a product or service, which results in a lead, clicks to a website, free trials, or even getting people to download an app.

Affiliate marketing programs usually do not involve any start-up or joining costs, and it is often beneficial to join an affiliate program, such as Adsempire, to get started.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing works by you referring to a product or service by using several different platforms such as social media, blogs, a website, or in this case, the Google UAC platform. One of the easiest affiliate marketing methods is to share or run your ads with the goal of directing users to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

How Much Can you Make from Affiliate Marketing?

When starting your affiliate marketing journey, you will need patience and a strategy, and this will mostly determine how successful you will be in this field. Each affiliate program usually has different payment models that can be chosen depending on the program’s goals. While running a Google UAC campaign, you could be paid for every person that clicks on the ad and then installs the advertised app. You could also be paid for each user that downloads and installs the app and performs a chargeable action, such as making an in-app purchase. 

How much you can earn can vary greatly depending on the app, the geo-location you promoted the app in, the target audience, the user base, and how good your overall app campaign is.

Steps for Affiliate Marketing

Step 1

Decide on what you want to promote and make sure that you only become affiliated with products that you believe in and that the program being offered is rewarding. The affiliate program must be mutually rewarding to both you and the company whose product or app you are promoting. If you are not sure how affiliate programs work, consider partnering with a company that will be able to offer guidance. Such a partnership could make a massive difference in your journey and chances of success.

Step 2

Determine the platform that you will use to promote your app. In this case, we are going to use Google UAC, allowing us to use the powerful tools that Google offers to reach a wide audience, such as machine learning and automation.

Step 3

Decide on a niche that you want to reach. If you are promoting a dating app, there is very little benefit to be had from advertising aimed at senior citizens or married couples. It is imperative that you know who to target when running your ad campaigns.

What Do I Need to Start Affiliate Marketing Now with Google UAC?

To start your affiliate marketing campaign with Google UAC, you will first need a Trust Promoted Google Ads account. You will also need a valid payment card linked to the account from which payments for the Universal Ad Campaign will be taken. Then, of course, you will need an application that is already published in the App Store. Finally, you will need creative ad material, such as videos and pictures, to use in the campaign.


The answer to the popular question, ”can you make money through affiliate marketing?” is a resounding yes. It will take quite a lot of homework, picking the right partners and products, and then the right platform to promote your campaign. Google UAC, with its extensive reach, is surely one of the best — if not the best — platforms to utilize when you are looking to start affiliate marketing.