Exploring Models: Subscription, Coins, and Hybrid

In the always changing online dating area, monetization strategies play a pivotal role in the success of dating products and impact earnings when working with different types of products. AdsEmpire, a leading network in the dating niche, offers affiliates lucrative opportunities through various monetization models tailored to diverse user preferences.

Selecting the optimal monetization model depends on several factors, including target audience demographics, user behavior trends, and the competitive landscape. A deep understanding of user preferences and market dynamics is crucial in determining which model will yield the highest returns for a dating platform. Here, we delve into the three primary dating monetization models and explore their potential to drive and sustain dating traffic effectively:

  • Subscription
  • Coins
  • Hybrid

1. Subscription Model:

The Subscription Model is a cornerstone approach utilized by numerous dating platforms to monetize traffic effectively. Here’s how it works: users initially register for free on the platform, gaining access to limited functionalities. To unlock the full variety of features, they are prompted to upgrade their membership or enjoy a trial period of unrestricted access. This upgrade allows them to use all the site’s functionalities and engage in unlimited interactions with others. Upon subscription, users can immediately start interacting with all members that interest them. While some initial chats may be free, to access incoming messages and interact with more members, buying a subscription is necessary. Various membership packages are available, and opting for a longer-term Full Membership often proves to be the most cost-effective choice for users.

The primary revenue stream stems from recurring payments—automatic renewal of memberships—that users agree to upon subscribing. However, users have the option to opt out of this automatic renewal feature via their account settings. Otherwise, the platform will charge the specified subscription fee to the user’s card on a monthly basis. This model caters well to users seeking a comprehensive dating experience with ongoing benefits, providing a steady revenue stream for the platform.


Implementing this well-established and widely adopted model, which has been successfully used by dating products worldwide in recent years, can effectively target users who are curious but sometimes inattentive. These users may interact with the product sporadically but can bring long-term revenue.

  • Target users who are initially attracted to free functionalities but are likely to convert to paid subscriptions for enhanced features and interactions.
  • Highlight the value of upgrading to unlock full site functionalities and unlimited interactions.
  • Utilize advertising channels where users are actively seeking dating experiences and are open to subscription-based services, such as social media ads, dating forums, and lifestyle blogs.
  • Monitor key metrics like conversion rates from free to paid subscriptions, retention rates, and average revenue per user to optimize marketing strategies and enhance user acquisition and retention.

Sites with this model:

  • BeNaughty
  • Flirt
  • OneNightFriend

2. Coin-Based Model:

The Coin-Based Model offers a distinct alternative to subscription-based platforms with its virtual currency system. Rather than committing to a membership, users purchase virtual coins to access specific actions or interactions within the platform. These coins can be used for messaging, sending virtual gifts, or boosting visibility, providing users with flexibility and control over their spending. This model is relatively new and emerged as a way for businesses to stay afloat amid changing legislation in different countries. It is designed for more interested users who are genuinely motivated to spend money on the product. The publisher’s task is to effectively engage and warm up users before they access the product itself.


  • Focus on attracting highly engaged users of 35+ age group, impulsive spenders, mobile users, localized traffic, and niche communities.
  • Promote this kind of offers on social media, forums, mobile apps, and niche websites, using eye-catching ads and localized content.
  • Run event-based promotions around key dates to boost user interest and spending.
  • Monitor key metrics like conversion rates, average revenue per user, user engagement, and lifetime value.

Sites with this model:

  • YouDates
  • LuvIsHere
  • ChatNDates

3. Hybrid Model:

The Hybrid Model blends the advantages of premium membership with additional purchasable features, providing users with a versatile and engaging experience. Users begin by subscribing to a membership to access the platform’s core features. Subsequently, they have the option to purchase message packs or other premium features for enhanced interactions. This approach attempts to combine two strategies in one product, making it an effective solution for working with different types of traffic. It caters to both users who prefer a subscription model and those who favor pay-as-you-go options, maximizing appeal and revenue potential.


  • Focus on attracting users who value both comprehensive access and additional premium features.
  • Target audiences who are willing to invest in memberships for core features and are likely to spend extra on enhanced interactions.
  • Promote this kind of offers through channels that cater to engaged users, such as social media, dating forums, and lifestyle blogs.
  • Highlight the benefits of combining membership with purchasable features in your marketing materials.
  • Emphasize the flexibility and enhanced experience users can achieve by upgrading and purchasing additional features.
  • Monitor metrics such as conversion rates, average revenue per user, and user engagement to refine your strategies and maximize effectiveness.

Sites with this model:

  • DateDay
  • ChatMix
  • FlirtMixer

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics that advertisers closely monitor to gauge campaign success and effectiveness. Here are some important metrics you should understand and analyze to choose the most profitable model for you:

  1. CPA measures the cost incurred for a specific action, such as a sale or registration. This metric helps evaluate the cost-effectiveness of campaigns in driving desired user actions.
  2. CPL refers to the cost of acquiring a lead, such as sign-ups or inquiries. This indicator is critical for determining the effectiveness of campaigns in generating potential customers.
  3. ROI is a broad measure used to evaluate the financial return from an investment relative to its cost.
  4. The indicator known as SOI2DOI (Sign-Up to Initial Deposit) shows the proportion of users who have registered, verified their email address, and eventually made an initial deposit or completed a particular action.
  5. FTD (First Time Deposit): This metric tracks the number of users who make their first deposit after registering on a platform. It indicates initial user conversion and willingness to invest in the product. Linked to SOI2DOI, which measures the percentage of users who register and confirm their email before making a deposit, FTD offers insights into user engagement and onboarding effectiveness.
  6. LTV (Lifetime Value): This metric measures the total profit generated by a customer over the entire period of their interaction with the product. It helps evaluate the long-term effectiveness of customer acquisition.
  7. ARPU (Average Revenue Per User): This metric measures the average revenue generated per user, including both initial and subsequent purchases.
  8. ROAS specifically measures the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising, helps assess the efficiency of advertising spending in driving sales.
  9. The conversion rate from registration to sale, or CR reg2sale, measures the proportion of users who registered on the site and finished a purchase or other desired action, demonstrating the effectiveness of conversion.
  10. The age indicator allows affiliates to tailor their marketing efforts effectively, ensuring they resonate with specific age demographics most likely to convert and engage with the chosen monetization model.
  11. Activity of users: A range of indicators, including conversation start times, photo uploads, and session duration, track user interaction on the site. These metrics reveal information on the interaction levels and behavior of users.
  12. Sales volumes represent the quantity of products or services sold through affiliate links or promotional efforts. It directly measures the effectiveness of affiliates in driving conversions and revenue for the merchant or advertiser.

Understanding and optimizing these metrics can significantly impact the success and profitability of affiliate marketing campaigns across diverse monetization models and target demographics.

How to Manage Refunds and Chargebacks:

Refunds and chargebacks are crucial topics to explore as we are talking about the payment structures that are frequently utilized on dating services. It’s important to recognize the differences between these two ideas first and foremost.

To be clear, a chargeback entails asking your bank or credit card issuer to reverse the transaction, whereas a refund is delivered directly by the retailer.

Affiliates must take care to deceive potential clients in order to prevent the inevitable unsatisfied customers from demanding a refund.

The following tactics can be used to avoid such problems:

  1. Avoid Promising Free Services: Eliminate the term “free” from your advertisements and pre-sale pages. Users often suppose the service to be completely free, which it is not. Instead, use terms like “bonus.”
  2. Use Age to Identify Potential Audience: Direct users based on their age group. For example, target users aged 30 and above to the main offer and younger users to a Smartlink. Typically, older users are more eager to make payments for all the features of dating sites.
  3. Utilize Pre-Landing Pages: Add to your funnel a pre-sale page. This, along with the aforementioned strategies, will enhance the traffic quality directed to the affiliate network.

The Necessity of Diverse Payment Models

In today’s rapidly changing regulatory landscape, having multiple payment models is crucial for business resilience and adaptability. This necessity became evident on December 31, 2020, when the European Union introduced the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). A key aspect of PSD2 is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which aims to enhance online payment security and reduce fraud.

SCA requires financial institutions to verify transactions more rigorously, often through two-factor authentication. This change made traditional subscription models, which rely on recurring payments, difficult to sustain in regions where PSD2 is enforced.

As similar regulations emerge globally, the dating industry has remained flexible by adopting innovative approaches. We recommend testing new payment models and strategies to diversify risk and maximize profits. Exploring options like hybrid or coin-based systems can attract a broader audience and maintain steady revenue streams. By staying adaptable and proactive, businesses can navigate regulatory challenges and sustain growth in the dynamic online dating market.


The dating industry thrives on innovative monetization strategies that enhance user engagement and drive revenue growth. AdsEmpire’s emphasis on subscription, coins, and hybrid models reflects a commitment to adaptability and catering to diverse market needs.

By embracing these dating monetization models, platforms can unlock new avenues for profitability while enriching user experiences. To maintain success in dating monetization, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest trends and user preferences as the industry evolves.

If you’re driving traffic to dating offers, consider partnering with AdsEmpire to access top offers, exclusive in-house products, and receive personalized guidance from seasoned affiliate managers to optimize your earnings.

Before directing traffic to AdsEmpire offers, it’s important to understand the following guidelines:

  • We exclusively accept male traffic aged 21 and above.
  • We permit all forms of lawful traffic that adhere to our advertisers’ corporate rules and policies.
  • We strictly prohibit fraudulent, chat, or incentive-based traffic.
  • Certain traffic sources, including Email, SMS, Celebrity endorsements, Clickunder, or Popunders, are restricted by some advertisers. It is essential to notify your account manager in advance regarding such traffic. Failure to do so may result in withholding part or all of your traffic earnings.