Dating Offers Promotion Calendar 2024

Get ready to kick off the New Year with a bang! AdsEmpire wants to highlight the importance of planning ahead in the world of dating offers. Timing is super important, and our carefully put-together guide gives you a calendar with all the important dates. It’s like your roadmap to make the most of the opportunities. Whether you’re a pro at marketing or just starting in the dating niche, don’t miss the chance to boost your campaigns by following the calendar. This guide is made for anyone excited to dive into dating and make the most out of their efforts.


Kick off the year by aligning your marketing approach with global momentum. Beyond new beginnings, January is a time when people worldwide set resolutions, many aiming to find a romantic partner. Feel that vibe of making plans and to-do lists for the year that precisely contain dreams of a future partner, and tailor your content and ad campaigns accordingly. This is the perfect time to tap into your target audience and attract new leads!


Cue the heart emojis! Valentine’s Day (February 14) is approaching – the world day of lovers. Isn’t this the best reason for new creative ideas in the dating niche? As activity on dating sites increases, so does your earning potential! Don’t forget that absolutely EVERYONE is looking for love these days, so think outside the box. This is the time to look at new niche offers for yourself, because no one wants to be sad alone on February 14. And those who are targeting China should not forget about the local holiday – Chinese New Year (February 10). In the New Year with a new date!


March brings a fresh start, and Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th adds a touch of luck. Use this positive energy to your advantage by tailoring your promotions for those ready to embrace new connections and possibly find a little romance. Easter festivities on the 31st further add to the warm atmosphere, creating opportunities for shared moments. In some European countries, they set aside a whole week to celebrate this holiday. Many people take short vacations, students and apprentices have a week’s vacation, so this is a great opportunity to offer romantic adventures to those who have not yet found their partner. Seize the chance for love in unexpected places, letting the spirit of March inspire your dating niche strategies.


Spring is in the air, and so is romance! April, the month of budding romance and unexpected connections! While April Fools’ Day injects a playful vibe into relationships with pranks and humor, Earth Day on the 22nd sparks eco-friendly dates amid nature’s beauty. As spring break beckons, short getaways become the backdrop for romantic escapades, offering ideal settings for love to bloom. So don’t forget to remind your audience about yourself by offering the best dating offers in top geos.


May brings fresh opportunities to the world of dating, thanks to a number of interesting holidays. It is especially worth noting the big Mexican holiday – Cinco de Mayo, which falls on May 5. For those targeting GEO Mexico or US audiences with significant Mexican populations (e.g. California, Texas, Arizona), this is a great opportunity to engage your target audience for this holiday and create more personalized and engaging advertising campaigns. Americans also celebrate some fun holidays in May, such as Twilight Zone Day (May 11) and Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14), which provides a fun excuse to create engaging content. Immerse yourself in these unconventional holidays to add creativity and spontaneity to your dating strategies this month.


June is the month of Pride, which provides the best opportunity to significantly increase profits for those who specialize in LGBTQ+ niches, as this is the period of peak activity for all members of this community. Plus, June 18th is International Sushi Day, which can add delicious themes to your creatives and fun date night ideas. End the month with Social Media Day (June 30), driving interactive campaigns to increase engagement and connections across various online platforms.


July offers a mix of patriotic and fun holidays. July 1st is Canada Day and is a great time to show recognition of this important holiday and engage with the audience for those who work with this GEO. July 4th, America’s Independence Day, is becoming a key date for those targeting American audiences. Add a touch of fun to your creations on July 5th with National Bikini Day, enjoying the summer atmosphere, and create an intimate atmosphere on July 6th with National Kissing Day, supporting the idea of creating tender relationships. Also, add a touch of modernity on July 17 with World Emoji Day, which are an integral part of any messengers and are directly related to the field of dating. In this dynamic month, adapt your content to appeal to the diverse tastes of your audience, inspiring them to make exciting and thematic acquaintances.


August, which is called the month of happiness, is the best time for vacations and relaxation. So, you have the opportunity to catch the cheerful mood of your audience and offer something hot. August 1 – National Girlfriend Day in America is a great reason to remind about dating sites where you can find a girlfriend for any taste. International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of the month; come up with something interesting on this topic and impress your audience in an unusual way. August 22 – Valentine’s Day in China; if you work with this GEO, it’s a great chance to get more leads while keeping your audience in a romantic mood. End the month on August 31st with National Outdoor Dining Day, encouraging outdoor dining and unique date ideas.


September, a month of transitions. Embrace fall vibes on September 23rd with the autumnal equinox, creating cozy-themed promotions. Cater to travel enthusiasts on September 27th with World Tourism Day, inspiring connections through wanderlust.


October, a month of autumnal allure, invites global themes into your dating niche. Kick off the month by celebrating World Vegetarian Day on October 1st, inspiring plant-based date ideas and catering to eco-conscious individuals. As Halloween approaches, infuse a spooky and playful spirit into your promotions, capturing the excitement of this widely recognized holiday. Consider incorporating these internationally recognized events into your October strategies, creating a tapestry of engaging dating experiences that resonate across cultures.

NOVEMBER November is a time of exciting shopping! Black Friday (November 29) makes people eager to get everything at once. So why not offer them a bright virtual love or a whirlwind online date? This month is said to break the bank, and dating niche is no exception. Also, don’t forget about interesting creatives for International Men’s Day (November 19) and American Thanksgiving (November 24).


December, a month of festive joy, offers diverse opportunities. Align your promotions with global celebrations like Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, offering inclusive date ideas. Embrace the coziness of the winter solstice on December 21st, inspiring warm connections. Conclude the year with grandeur on New Year’s Eve, crafting festive and romantic promotions to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Let December’s holiday magic infuse your dating strategies with enchantment and memorable experiences.

In addition to this comprehensive dating offers calendar, AdsEmpire ensures you can choose the best dating offers for any occasion, regardless of when you decide to kickstart your campaigns. Our dedicated team is available all year round to assist you in selecting the most fitting promotions for your target audience. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or want personalized recommendations, feel free to reach out to your manager or contact Victoria directly via Telegram @ViktoriiaAE or Skype live:.cid.6051636583a41b6f. We’re here to support your success in the dating niche, ensuring your campaigns are not only well-timed but also tailored for maximum impact.