Dating Offers and Push Traffic Insights

Dating Offers and Push Traffic Insights

2022 has just started, and it’s high time to make the hottest Dating predictions. AdsEmpire, together with RichAds, has prepared some useful insights for you.

1. What Approaches and Landing Pages Will Convert In 2022?
Dating vertical will take the spotlight in 2022. The pandemic and quarantine made people more willing to meet and chat. There is an increase in the time spent online and in chat, so there will be no shortage of users that want to register on dating platforms. This is an opportunity for affiliates to get the most out of current traffic and test various offers. People are looking for easy, fun conversations, flirting, and emotions, and that’s something to think about.

2. What Offers Will Be on Top?
In 2022, the focus continues to shift to the mainstream. This is directly related to the difficulties in working with banking structures. There are pros and cons to this situation. Mainstream offers have a bit lower CR, but at the same time, they have a higher LTV and, hence, payouts.

The hottest SOI mainstream offers from AdsEmpire:

TreffegirlsBEweb $3.5 / mob $3
SoifdetoiFRweb $3.5 / mob $3
Together2nightNZweb $4.5 / mob $4
BuscarollosESweb $2.5 / mob $2.5
Otakuplay.jpJPweb $5 / mob $5
SoloavventureITweb $2.75 / mob $2.5
Matchx2.comSGweb $2.5 / mob $2.5
GibsmirATweb $5 / mob $4.5
Darya, RichAds Head of Customer Service

3. What Are the Top GEOs for Dating on Push Traffic?

Tier 1 countries traditionally show amazing results with dating offers. RichAds recommend choosing the USA, Spain, and France for such campaigns. Speaking about other Tiers, one country works with the dating niche in Tier 3, and it’s South Africa. That’s the perfect option for those who just want to test a new vertical or have a limited budget.

4. Which Approaches to Creatives Will Help Make a Profit In 2022?

Our expertise proves that the same ol’ methods show high CR rates. But here’s a fresh “new message” approach for you: use the new message icon from a well-known messenger. In the main part of the creative, use the imitation of a new message or the beginning of a message from a pretty girl.

Your push notification should remind of a real message. Use photos of beautiful girls (but not professional models). It’s better to use live images with no Photoshop.

5. How Do You Choose an Offer?

As for the payment model, we recommend using pay per impression. SOI (registration without confirmation) or DOI (with confirmation) is perfect for newbies as well as experienced advertisers. CPA or CPS offers (where the user should pay for registration or other action) also work, but with skilled affiliate marketers.

Choosing between adult and mainstream offers, we recommend mainstream. There is a wide choice and no restrictions from traffic sources. Pay attention to Smartlinks: they will make your work easier at the start.

And for the dessert, our partners, RichAds, have prepared a 10% bonus for the first deposit with the promo code ADSEMPIRE for you.

Use this new knowledge and drive traffic to AdsEmpire offers from RichAds!