Basic Affiliate Marketing Abbreviations and Acronyms to Know

Are you interested in a detailed Affiliate Marketing Glossary? Look at this list of abbreviations used in affiliate marketing, such as CTR, CR, EPC, CPC, etc.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of terminology and acronyms that might be difficult to understand for those who are just getting started. If you work in affiliate marketing in any capacity, you should feel confident utilizing the most common acronyms, such as CTR, CPC, EPC, CR, etc.

AdsEmpire has compiled the following abbreviations and acronyms to aid all affiliate marketers. Notably, those are just starting.

Abbreviations Typically Used in Affiliate Marketing

B2B – Business to Business

The focus is on affiliates and organizations doing business with one another rather than end users.

B2C – Business to Consumer

It includes commercial interactions between a company and a customer, not between businesses.

CPA – Cost Per Action

This payment model, referred to as Cost Per Acquisition involves charging a marketer for each valid action a consumer performs after seeing an advertisement.

CPC – Cost Per Click

This internet advertising depends on the number of clicks an ad receives. The marketer will be charged a fee every time their ads are clicked.

CPL – Cost per Lead

Filling out a form containing an offer’s owner’s contact information is considered lead generation, and the lead comes at no cost to the user. Common examples of this offer include dating and betting sites, where the lead is used for marketing further services to the user.

CPM – Cost Per Mille

CPM is also known as Cost per Thousand Impressions. It may be the cost of sending a newsletter to 1,000 people or the price of a thousand ad engagements.

CPO – Cost Per Order

The price of an acquisition is the cost per order. This phrase denotes the success of a marketing effort and is defined by the proportion between costs and sales.

CPS – Cost Per Sale

Referral commissions are paid out under this model only if the customer referred by your affiliate link places an order.

CPV – Cost per View

Advertisements are charged per impression. With knowledge of total sales, you can determine the average profit from each customer.

CR – Conversion Ratio

This refers to the proportion of site visitors that perform the intended action (buying, subscription, form filling, etc.)

CTA – Call To Action

Call-to-action (CTA) commands are used on a pre-landing webpage to direct users to an offer webpage where they may purchase the item, join a dating service, etc.

CTR – Clickthrough Ratio

CTR measures the number of people that see a particular link and click on it. This figure is derived from the typical clickthrough rate per one hundred ad views.

eCPM – Effective Cost Per Mille

This is used in affiliate marketing to quantify the total money earned via all promotional activities.

EPC — Earnings Per Click

This is the average amount made for every one hundred clicks. Earnings per click (EPC) is a valuable metric for comparing the success of various offers, especially from the perspective of advertisers.

LP – Landing Page

This is a webpage that prepares users for action. Further details regarding an offer may be found on the landing page.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a kind of internet marketing in which marketers agree to pay a predetermined sum each time one of their ads is clicked.

PPI – Pay-Per-Impression

Advertisements that are compensated based on the number of times they are seen are referred to as pay-per-impression, or PPI, advertising. How often people see the advertising is how much money they make.

RevShare – Revenue Share

This is a compensation plan in which an affiliate earns a predetermined share of the revenue generated by a referred customer.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to strategies for boosting a website’s visibility in organic search results on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

UV – Unique Visitor

This person has visited a website at least once during the current period. An IP address is used to identify a UV.


Numerous affiliate marketing abbreviations exist. There’s no way that one article can do them justice. However, AdsEmpire has chosen a few of the most popular ones you will most likely come across in casual conversation. Affiliate marketing is full of terms and abbreviations, but at least now you won’t be lost entirely if you hear one of these terms used. AdsEmpire is exclusively CPL, recurring payouts, and the such. Get in touch with AdsEmpire to have one of our managers assist you with the setup process.